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The Super Bowl is just three days away, but judging by the number of Big Game ads that have already been released, you’d think the game had already started. At last count, 28 of the game’s 43 expected ads — a full 65 percent — have already been released by the brands behind them. Food […]

With one week until Christmas, we decided to take a closer look at some of the numbers behind the holiday’s food & beverage traditions. We’re most surprised by the 1.7 billion candy canes produced during the holiday season, although we’re curious to know what percentage of them are actually eaten. Any guesses?      

Thanksgiving might seem like a slam dunk holiday for food and beverage marketers, but it’s not as easy as it may seem. That is, unless your brand is Butterball®. The company produces 20 percent of all turkeys consumed on the holiday (Americans will scarf down nearly 50 million of the birds on November 26), which […]

Why is Black Friday called Black Friday? If you’re like most folks, you’ll puff out your chest and note that it’s when most retailers’ bottom lines transform from red ink to the much more positive and profitable black ink. And, if you’re like most folks, you’d be wrong.  The day after Thanksgiving — or “Black […]

If I never drink another pumpkin chai latte or eat another slice of pumpkin cheesecake, I will be a very happy man. That’s because, for 31 pumpkin-spiced days, I feasted on nothing but pumpkin-flavored foods. That was my October, and it was the longest month of my life. It started as a dare from a […]